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Short for video capture.


vidcap (plural vidcaps)

  1. (informal) A still image consisting of a frame captured from film or television.
    • 2002, Ewout Dorman, Crimson 1994-2002 Architectural Historians
      The contamination shows in the blurry but garish photos of crowds of people moving through the garish urban interiors, looking more like vidcaps from MTV...
    • 2006, Henry Jenkins, Convergence culture: where old and new media collide
      Pics from outside of Survivor, vidcaps, bios, descriptions (how friggin' TALL are these guys, exactly?).
    • 2006, Cecilia Tan, Lori Perkins, The MILF Anthology: Twenty-One Steamy Stories
      Judging by the collection on her laptop, she had a taste for porn that rivaled mine, though her collection was mostly in the form of rather grainy vidcaps...

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