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Blend of video +‎ idiot


vidiot (plural vidiots)

  1. (derogatory, informal) A passive, undiscriminating consumer of video media.
    • 1989, Mike Yaconelli, Scott Koenigsaecker, Get 'em talking: 104 great discussion starters for youth groups, page 118:
      You are a vidiot if you watch music videos for any period of time without stopping to think about what they are saying.
    • 1994 March 4, Jack Helbig, “Schoolhouse Rock Live!”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Cynics might say that any show based on television--like, say, The Real Live Brady Bunch--is bound to be popular among the nostalgic vidiot generation.
    • 1995 July 28, Jack Helbig, “Battery”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Featuring witty wordplay--Therriault could be David Mamet and John Patrick Shanley's long-lost love child raised in the wild by William Burroughs-- and a story and characters simple enough to be understood by your average vidiot play reader, Battery is just challenging enough to appeal to a young actor's ego but not so challenging as to scare her off.
    • 2009, Lori Sullivan, Overcoming Autism: A Parent's Guide, page 115:
      We're raising a generation of vidiots, and it's going to be a problem when they get older.