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vindicatory +‎ -ly


vindicatorily (comparative more vindicatorily, superlative most vindicatorily)

  1. (rare) In a vindicatory manner; in vindication of someone or something.
    • 1852, Pierce Egan, The London apprentice, and the goldsmith's daughter of West Chepe, page 167:
      She spoke not angrily, but haughtily — not vindictively, but vindicatorily."
    • 1864, Washington Irving, Works of Washington Irving, Volume 26
      ...He has been shamefully wronged since his death." Thus vindicatorily of his friend spoke the just and kind Geoffrey Crayon a day or two since; and we are glad to record it while the dark wing of the poet's renown is uppermost.
    • 1905, Ohio State Eclectic Medical Association, Eclectic medical journal
      Not necessarily because he had put himself out of relation with a fixed and central truth — she explained self-vindicatorily — but because he had lost that anchorage which prevents excessive thinking.