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vindicate +‎ -ory


vindicatory (comparative more vindicatory, superlative most vindicatory)

  1. Promoting or producing vindication.
    • 1995, Douglas Vickers, The Tyranny of the Market, →ISBN, p. 77:
      The principal vindicatory feature of the market system . . . rests in the fact that it permits and facilitates an intermarket and intersectoral flow of economic values.
  2. Promoting or producing retribution or punishment.
    • 1800, The Annual Register (1797), J. Dodsley (London), vol. 39, p. 486:
      To prevent the strong from oppressing the weak; to protect the acquisitions of industry . . . are duties which require that delegated authority should be exerted by public force and the vindicatory dispensations of pains and penalties.


Derived terms[edit]


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