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vinous +‎ -ly


vinously (comparative more vinously, superlative most vinously)

  1. Under the influence of wine; drunkenly.
    • 1899, The Idler (volume 16, page 163)
      The crowd guffawed loudly and the Rugger Blue laughed vinously.
  2. (not comparable) In terms of wine.
    • 1998, Decanter (volume 24, issues 1-6)
      Vinously, the Hautes-Cotes were originally known for their Gamay, that of Arcenant being cited in 1770 and that of Bevy in 1845.
    • 2012, Jay McInerney, A Hedonist in the Cellar: Adventures in Wine
      She believes that the new wave of British wine enthusiasts is more adventurous than its American counterpart: “The Brits fall all over themselves to view the vinously newfangled in a favorable light. Ecuadoran Viognier, yes please! []