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vintage car (plural vintage cars)

  1. A motor car that is of an older make and model, especially one that was built between the years 1919 and 1930.
    • 2008, Stefan R. Gesterkamp, How to Paint Your Show Car, →ISBN, page 149:
      "Pebble" as this event is commonly called, is the grand daddy of the vintage car collector world.
    • 2011, Lorraine Maita, Vibrance for Life, →ISBN:
      An aging body is like owning a vintage car. A vintage car is exotic and beautiful, and it requires more maintenance.
    • 2013 -, Eric Baskind, Commercial Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide, →ISBN, page 14:
      The identity of a vintage car was to be ascertained by the normal customs of the vintage car trade, and, on the evidence of both experts, the car did correspond with its description as a '1930 Bentley Speed Six'.

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