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From Late Latin viscidus, from viscum (birdlime).


viscid (comparative more viscid, superlative most viscid)

  1. Viscous; having a high viscosity.
  2. Sticky, slimy, or glutinous.
    • 1906, O. Henry, The Furnished Room
      They trod noiselessly upon a stair carpet that its own loom would have forsworn. It seemed to have become vegetable; to have degenerated in that rank, sunless air to lush lichen or spreading moss that grew in patches to the staircase and was viscid under the foot like organic matter.
    • 1959, Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan, New York: Dial, 2006, Epilogue, pp. 315-316,[1]
      The pool’s bottoms and sides were lined with a blanket of viscid slime, and the three statues in the middle, the three Sirens of Titan, were under a mucilaginous hump.
  3. Covered with a viscid layer.

Usage notes[edit]

In everyday usage, much less common than viscous, with which it is roughly interchangeable. In careful usage, viscous is more often used for fluid flow, like honey, while viscid is used for a squishy, slimy feel of more solid substances, like mayonnaise.



Derived terms[edit]