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From French vitupéreux, from Late Latin vituperosus, from Latin vituperare (to blame, censure), from vitium (fault, defect) + parare (to furnish, provide, contrive).


vituperous (comparative more vituperous, superlative most vituperous)

  1. (rare) Vituperative.
  2. (rare) Worthy of blame.


  • 1682, A. Marsh, The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and The Confession of the New-married Couple:
    Yet howsoever though this is true, nevertheless I must furnish the delicate stomackt Ladies with some sort of weapons, that they may be in a posture of defending themselves against their vituperous enemies.
  • 1905, Charles Klein, chapter III, in The Lion and The Mouse:
    (...) their drivers vociferating torrents of vituperous abuse on every man, woman or beast unfortunate enough to get in their way.


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