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Alternative forms[edit]

dried vobla


Loanword from Russian во́бла (vóbla)


vobla (plural voblas)

  1. The Caspian roach (Rutilus caspicus), formerly considered a subspecies of the common roach.
    • 1900 September, Einar Lönnberg, “Short notes on Caspian fishes”, in Revue Internationale de Pêche et de Pisciculture, Volume II, Number 2, Russian Imperial Society of Fishculture and Fisheries, page 4:
      The „vobla“ (Leuciscus rutilus Lin.) is one of the most important food fishes of this region. [] This vobla is very fat and is more stoutly built, than the northern roach, but cannot otherwise be distinguished from the same.
    • 1918, I. Pelferoff, “Fisheries”, Chapter IX of Arthur Raffalovich (editor), Russia: Its Trade and Commerce,[1] P. S. King & Son, page 221:
      In this connexion, the cost of “vobla,”1 which to some extent replaces the herring, has soared upwards. [] Dried “vobla,” which is a popular article of food, and was formerly sold at one copeck per fish, now sells at from 5 to 10 copecks for the smaller fish, and 20 copecks for the larger. ¶ [] ¶ The only exceptions to the general rule are white sturgeon, salmon and to some extent “vobla.”
      1 An inferior species of herring.
    • 1989, Mary McAuley, “Bread without the Bourgeoisie”, in Diane Koenker et al. (editors), Party, State, and Society in the Russian Civil War, Indiana University Press, →ISBN, page 167:
      For most it was bread and vobla, an awful salt-fish, nicknamed “Soviet ham,” whose bones would splinter and damage the intestines. [] But in the spring of 1921, [] the average employee was back to a half pound of bread, one pound of cereal, and two pounds of vobla.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This word is frequently italicized or otherwise treated as foreign.





vobla m (plural voblas)

  1. (rare) vobla (Rutilus caspicus, a fish of the Caspian sea)