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vorlages pl (plural only)

  1. A particular style of tight-fitting ski pants.
    • 1964, Caroline Glyn, Don't Knock the Corners Off, page 184:
      Not content with the table displays, Daddy covered the sofa with our new ski-ing clothes, our beanies, vorlages, ankle-length tomato coloured pants, Mummy's furry earmuffs, their anoraks and my parka.
    • 1966, Allison Adburgham, View of Fashion, page 56:
      Next came the vorlages, copied from the Austrian guides, which are almost similar to the first trousers Mr Symonds designed for women. The vorlages have held the slopes against all comers ever since.
    • 1966, Climber and Rambler, volume 5, page 137:
      Another example of the same trap is vorlages. These tight-fitting trousers are only necessary for championship ski-ing where aerodynamic resistance is important, and yet everybody wears them!
    • 1966, David Benedictus, This Animal is Mischievous, page 12:
      "Air suits me," she had remarked, for she had bought two pairs of black vorlages and matched them with a series of thick sweaters in black and orange patterns and an orange snood.