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  1. (intransitive, of wind) to blow


Tone class H
Infinitive ukuvunguza
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular vunguza vunguze
Plural vunguzani vunguzeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyavunguza, ngivunguza ngivunguza ngivunguze
2nd singular uyavunguza, uvunguza uvunguza uvunguze
1st plural siyavunguza, sivunguza sivunguza sivunguze
2nd plural niyavunguza, nivunguza nivunguza nivunguze
Class 1 uyavunguza, uvunguza evunguza avunguze
Class 2 bayavunguza, bavunguza bevunguza bavunguze
Class 3 uyavunguza, uvunguza uvunguza uvunguze
Class 4 iyavunguza, ivunguza ivunguza ivunguze
Class 5 liyavunguza, livunguza livunguza livunguze
Class 6 ayavunguza, avunguza evunguza avunguze
Class 7 siyavunguza, sivunguza sivunguza sivunguze
Class 8 ziyavunguza, zivunguza zivunguza zivunguze
Class 9 iyavunguza, ivunguza ivunguza ivunguze
Class 10 ziyavunguza, zivunguza zivunguza zivunguze
Class 11 luyavunguza, luvunguza luvunguza luvunguze
Class 14 buyavunguza, buvunguza buvunguza buvunguze
Class 15 kuyavunguza, kuvunguza kuvunguza kuvunguze
Class 17 kuyavunguza, kuvunguza kuvunguza kuvunguze
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngivunguzile, ngivunguzē bengivunguza
2nd singular uvunguzile, uvunguzē ubevunguza
1st plural sivunguzile, sivunguzē sibevunguza
2nd plural nivunguzile, nivunguzē nibevunguza
Class 1 uvunguzile, uvunguzē ubevunguza
Class 2 bavunguzile, bavunguzē bebevunguza
Class 3 uvunguzile, uvunguzē bewuvunguza
Class 4 ivunguzile, ivunguzē beyivunguza
Class 5 livunguzile, livunguzē belivunguza
Class 6 avunguzile, avunguzē abevunguza
Class 7 sivunguzile, sivunguzē besivunguza
Class 8 zivunguzile, zivunguzē bezivunguza
Class 9 ivunguzile, ivunguzē beyivunguza
Class 10 zivunguzile, zivunguzē bezivunguza
Class 11 luvunguzile, luvunguzē beluvunguza
Class 14 buvunguzile, buvunguzē bebuvunguza
Class 15 kuvunguzile, kuvunguzē bekuvunguza
Class 17 kuvunguzile, kuvunguzē bekuvunguza
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāvunguza ngangivunguza
2nd singular wāvunguza wawuvunguza
1st plural sāvunguza sasivunguza
2nd plural nāvunguza nanivunguza
Class 1 wāvunguza wayevunguza
Class 2 bāvunguza babevunguza
Class 3 wāvunguza wawuvunguza
Class 4 yāvunguza yayivunguza
Class 5 lāvunguza lalivunguza
Class 6 āvunguza ayevunguza
Class 7 sāvunguza sasivunguza
Class 8 zāvunguza zazivunguza
Class 9 yāvunguza yayivunguza
Class 10 zāvunguza zazivunguza
Class 11 lwāvunguza lwaluvunguza
Class 14 bāvunguza babuvunguza
Class 15 kwāvunguza kwakuvunguza
Class 17 kwāvunguza kwakuvunguza
1st singular ngizovunguza
2nd singular uzovunguza
1st plural sizovunguza
2nd plural nizovunguza
Class 1 uzovunguza
Class 2 bazovunguza
Class 3 uzovunguza
Class 4 izovunguza
Class 5 lizovunguza
Class 6 azovunguza
Class 7 sizovunguza
Class 8 zizovunguza
Class 9 izovunguza
Class 10 zizovunguza
Class 11 luzovunguza
Class 14 buzovunguza
Class 15 kuzovunguza
Class 17 kuzovunguza