walking carpet

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From a scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in which Princess Leia insults Chewbacca, a member of a race of hairy bipeds called Wookiees, by referring to him as a "walking carpet."


walking carpet (plural walking carpets)

  1. (slang, derogatory or humorous) An exceptionally hairy person.
    • 2003, Jonathan Cohen, Bear Like Me, Lethe Press (2011), →ISBN, page 18:
      “Really.” Mac arched a thick eyebrow. “You didn't say anything about my body hair when we were going out together.”
      Peter kept his eyes on the espresso and away from Mac's hairy wrist. “You're not like...that guy. You're not a walking carpet. []
    • 2003, Bhargavi C. Mandava, "To Apu, With Love", in Body Outlaws: Rewriting the Rules of Beauty and Body Image (ed. Ophira Edut), Seal Press (2003), →ISBN, page 72:
      It was all the other hairs rearing their ugly heads — between my eyebrows, above my upper lip, around my jawline, down my neck, around my new breasts, down my front to my navel, over my arms and knuckles, right down my legs to my toes. I didn't recall ever seeing a woman shaving her face and "taking it all off' on that Noxema commercial. None of the other girls at school appeared to be walking carpets.
    • 2011 August 7, Rightardia [username], “Transgender Stories - Troy! - Chapter 1”, in alt.politics, Usenet[1]:
      I had *some* chest hairs, but it wasn't nearly as much as some guys I've seen (there were a couple of guys I saw in the locker room at school, both seniors, who were practically walking carpets).