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Alternative forms[edit]


wall +‎ crawler


wall-crawler (plural wall-crawlers)

  1. something which adheres to and crawls upon vertical surfaces
    • 1983 September-October, Sanders, Bob, “Our Kind Of Superhero”, in Mother Jones, volume 8, number 8, page 9:
      As Mother Jones goes to press, the masked, web-slinging wall-crawler is busy foiling a computer technician's evil designs to brainwash people through subliminal advertising in video games.
    • 1999 January 7, McKenna, Juliet E., The Thief's Gamble (Tales of Einarinn)‎[1], Orbit, →ISBN, OL 8998862M:
      You're not just buying and selling with a wizard and a scholar in tow. What's so important that you have to hire a wall-crawler?
    • 2010 December 28, Schreiber, Joe, Red Harvest (Star Wars), New York: LucasBooks, →ISBN, chapter 42:
      Her fingers slipped, and she felt herself starting to fall. At that same moment the wall-crawler sprang down at her, gripping the carved inscriptions in the black glossy surface with its left hand while its right swung down to clamp around her throat.