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wanker +‎ -ish


wankerish (comparative more wankerish, superlative most wankerish)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Like a wanker (obnoxious person).
    • 1994, Edward Farrell Marsicano, No satisfaction: and, The happy time (page 67)
      Caroline underlines her copy with the Bic pen she always carries along with her sketching pencils. And I told her that was a wankerish thing to do, but she keeps right on doing it even in public.
    • 2008, Dhivan Thomas Jones, Green Eros (page 176)
      But I wasn't sorry to prod him a bit; his preciousness about the grind of years, or the loss of youth, was sometimes as wankerish as his arrogance.