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ware +‎ room


wareroom (plural warerooms)

  1. a room used for storing or displaying goods or wares
    • 1844, Various, Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCXLV. July, 1844. Vol. LVI.[1]:
      But the curse of a most fluent pen, and of a numerous auditory, to whom his words were oracles, was upon him; and seventy volumes, more or less, which Cotta issued from his wareroom, are for the library of the Germans now, and for the selection of judicious editors hereafter.
    • 1916, Fannie Hurst, Every Soul Hath Its Song[2]:
      On the ground floor of a dim house in a dim street, which by the contrivance of its occupants had been converted from its original role of dark and sinister dining-room to wareroom for a dozen or more perambulators on high, rubber-tired wheels, Alphonse Michelson and Gertie Dobriner stood in conference with a dark-wrappered figure, her blue-checked apron wound muff fashion about her hands.
    • 1922, Harriette Brower, The World's Great Men of Music[3]:
      He made friends with a young apprentice who took him sometimes to a piano wareroom in the city, where he was allowed to play his little tunes on a fine piano.