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war +‎ fighter


warfighter (plural warfighters)

  1. (US) A soldier (especially of the United States military).
    • 1986, Military Review, volume 66, page 11:
      Training excellence inevitably returns to the leader— the warfighter. The warfighter is a special breed of soldier. From squad leader to corps commander, the warfighter knows how to fight on the battlefield.
    • 2011, Charles R. Figley, ‎William P. Nash, Combat Stress Injury: Theory, Research, and Management (page 54)
      Shay also wrote eloquently, from his experience treating Vietnam veterans with traumatic stress injuries, how the betrayal in war of the moral order—of basic beliefs about right and wrong—can ruin the character of young warfighters.
    • 2011, Borko Furht, Handbook of Augmented Reality (page 681)
      Military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) present many unique and challenging conditions for the warfighter.
    • 2013, Peter Ramsaroop, ‎Marion J. Ball, ‎David Beaulieu, Advancing Federal Sector Health Care: A Model for Technology Transfer
      What will the future warfighter be like? What are the characteristics of the future battlefield on which he or she will fight? How must changes in military health care work to address emerging needs?

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