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MiG-17F jet fighter


From Middle English fightere, fyghtor, feghtere, feghtare, fiȝtare, fiȝtere, from Old English feohtere. Equivalent to fight +‎ -er.



fighter (plural fighters)

  1. A person who fights; a combatant.
  2. A warrior; fighting soldier.
  3. A pugnacious, competitive person.
  4. (eulogistic) A person with a strong determination to resist protracted or severe adversity, especially illness.
  5. A class of fixed-wing aircraft whose primary purpose is that of shooting down other aircraft. Some of these (Fighter-Attack or Attack aircraft) also have a secondary purpose of attacking ground targets.
  6. A boxer or participant in any martial art.
  7. (colloquial) A firefighter.
  8. (video games) A game with a focus on physical combat.
    • 2004, Simon Carless, Gaming Hacks, page 59:
      Still, it's excellent software, especially for one-on-one fighting titles such as the King Of Fighters series, classic Street Fighter II variants, and newer one-on-one fighters such as Garou.


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