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  1. simple past and past participle of watch


watched (not comparable)

  1. Wearing a watch.
    • 1969 September 1, Gail Sheehy, “The End of the Drinking Generation”, in New York, volume 2, number 35, page 63:
      Passing the third checkpoint, the third smiling [sic] state policeman, a fellow by the name of R. C. Anderson, raises his big silver-watched wrist and touches the brim of his gray felt Stetson (yes, he does) as one faintly remembers Wendell Corey once doing from high on a Canadian Mountie snow peak overlooking something like a distressed Linda Darnell.
    • 1998, Ev Ehrlich (Everett M. Ehrlich), Big Government, Warner Books:
      Conrad Scott then grabbed Senator Moss’s watched wrist and thrust it into the air, allowing the crowd to exercise their delirium one last time.
    • 2007, L.M. Favier, A Sackful of Quarters, Xlibris, page 92:
      Kara grimaced at the last but waved it away with flick of her Swatch watched wrist saying, “Angie you’re exaggerating. It can’t have been that bad. You seemed happy. You had your share.”
    • 2015, Kathleen Alcott, Infinite Home, New York, N.Y.: Riverhead Books, page 90:
      Edward surfaced from his performance to see a man who appeared composed of only sharp angles standing in the foyer, where the light caught his gold-watched wrist.
    • 2016, Elizabeth Mackinlay, Teaching and Learning Like a Feminist: Storying Our Experiences in Higher Education, Sense Publishers, →ISBN, page 76:
      So too the human shield protecting the pathway beyond the gates, a young man in a security uniform who cheerfully declared upon espying me, ‘Only nine seconds exactly to go until we open!’ while waving his watched wrist in the air.
    • 2016, Liane Moriarty, Truly Madly Guilty, Flatiron Books, →ISBN:
      He wasn’t looking up but was instead staring straight ahead at the school principal, his legs crossed, a Rolex-watched wrist draped languidly over one knee in an almost feminine pose.
    • 2018, Patrick Gale, Take Nothing With You, Tinder Press, →ISBN:
      The hairy, gold-watched wrist of an airline captain changing gear in a sports car while enjoying a Rothmans cigarette stood for all he could never be, even as it opened out a little hollow of confused desire within him.