water parade

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From water + parade.


  • (Singapore) IPA(key): /wɔːtɜː pəˈɹeɪʔ/


water parade (plural water parades)

  1. (Singapore) water drinking session that is carried out to prevent individuals from dehydration.
    • 1987, Chua Chin Chye, “The Straits Times”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), page 1:
      When either the red plate (indicating very hot weather above 32 deg C) or the orange plate (indicating hot weather between 30 and 32 deg C) are displayed, a water parade must be conducted before, and during, training. In a water parade, soldiers line up and drink water.
    • 1997, Thomas Lee, “The Straits Times”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), page Home 40:
      New training regulations which stipulate rest periods for soldiers and water "parades" at which soldiers must drink water before, during and after training.
    • 2008, Wong Renhao, “How did NS change you?”, in Tech Attack[1]:
      Water parades alone can make up half or more of a day's total intake of water. One would think that it would inculcate an awareness of adequate hydration, with or without physical activities, and make you drink more water, but no leh!
    • 2010, Workplace Safety and Health Council, “Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines: Managing Heat Stress in the Workplace”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), page 10:
      When working in hot environments, each worker should be encouraged to quench their thirst all the time and consume at least to 500 ml of water every hour. Supervised drinking or “water parades” can help ensure this.
    • 2011, Chen Wen Li, ““Water parade” at Raffles Place”, in cyber pioneer[2]:
      Do you know that every recruit undergoing Basic Military Training (BMT) has to drink eight to 10 litres of water during 'water parades' to prevent dehydration?
    • 2015, Khoo Boo Kian, “Army Camp School (ACS)”, in The Online Citizen[3]:
      A water parade was held for the kids before a hike and when my son who has a small stomach couldn’t, he was told that if he didn’t finish, he was not allowed to complain even if he showed signs of heat exhaustion like headache and fever.
    • 2016, Benjamin Tan, “The Straits Times”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[4], Home:
      Construction workers are also given personal water bottles and "water parades" - similar to those in military training where soldiers are told to drink lots of water - are also conducted.

Usage notes[edit]

Most commonly used in relation to military practices.