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way +‎ post


waypost (plural wayposts)

  1. A sign or other marker that indicates the way along a road or trail.
    • 1991, Norman Rush, Mating
      Every few hundred yards on alternate sides of the route, a wooden waypost about a yard high was set into the ground.
  2. (figuratively) Something that guides or marks the way along a figurative journey; a temporary stopping point.
    • 1922, Jane Wright McKee, Purposeful handwork
      As society evolves, education must change to keep apace with it, so may this text serve as a waypost, not a goal.
    • 2008, Michael Burleigh, Sacred Causes: The Clash of Religion and Politics, from the Great War to the War on Terror (page 13)
      The war makes many oblique appearances in a work which, despite its saturation with traditional images, is regarded as a waypost of artistic modernism because of its fashionable anthropological references, jazz-like rhythms and random snatches of the pulsing city's polyphonic argot.