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  1. (of a radioactive or other substance) Of a purity suitable for the manufacture of weapons.
  2. (by extension, informal) Extreme.
    • 2007, Tad Waddington, Lasting Contribution: How to Think, Plan, and Act to Accomplish Meaningful Work, Agate Publishing (2007), ISBN 9781572846159, page 75:
      The idea that texts or facts speak for themselves —interpret me no interpretations—is weapons-grade stupidity.
    • 2013, Andy McNab, Silencer, Transworld Publishers (2013), ISBN 9781409032960, page 111:
      Three or four women sat on their own, each with a thick layer of make-up and weapons-grade hairspray.
    • 2015, Sarah Morgan, First Time in Forever, HQN (2015), ISBN 9780373785049, page 138:
      “Ryan is hot by the way, and by hot I am talking weapons-grade sex appeal. []