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Blend of Web +‎ celebrity.


weblebrity (plural weblebrities)

  1. A person who has become famous on the Internet
    • 2001, Beth Lisick, This too can be yours:
      I've told her how I get like 13000 hits a day and that if things work out with us, she could be a weblebrity too, but she's not buying it.
    • 2010, Kevin Nalty, David Meerman Scott, Beyond Viral:
      My passion, combined with my unique role as a hybrid career marketer and weblebrity, gives me a unique peek into how small companies and large brands can engage successfully in online video.
    • 2010, Joseph Jaffe, Flip the Funnel:
      We're living in a world where anyone has the potential for 15 minutes or streams of fame; this is the rise and era of the weblebrity, as I call the elite few who get more views on YouTube than Nike or even Apple.