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Possibly from a mishearing of the word "website". Could also likely be from web + side (as in the "sides" of a book); see West Frisian webside and German webseite.


webside (plural websides)

  1. Synonym of website
    • 2006, Clay in Art International:
      To conclude, we would like to announce that very soon our new webside CLAYART INTERNATIONAL will come online. The webside, which will be updated constantly, will be an innovative source of news and updates featuring images and information on actual current events held worldwide.
    • 2007, Ann-Kathleen Kraetzig, Gender differences in smiling behaviour, ISBN 3638690121, page 3:
      On the Wikipedia webside we find the following, very comprehensive explanation that “in physiology, a smile is a facial expression formed by flexing muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth, but also around the eyes.
    • 2008, Ludwik Kowalski, Hell on Earth: Brutality and Violence Under the Stalinist Regime, ISBN 160047232X:
      These pictures can be seen at the webside of The Jamestown Foundation: http://jamestown.org/getman_paintings.php?painting_id=1
    • 2012, Karyn Bosnak, Save Karyn, ISBN 1448111188, page 311:
      Now I'm not very Web savvy, but I was familiar with a webside called Craigslist,crg, which is kind of like an online classified paper or bulletin board that you can post things on for free.