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web +‎ -side, by analogy with bedside manner, with web instead of bed, and preceded by other -side coinages including chairside and labside.



webside manner (plural not attested)

  1. The manner in which a healthcare professional interacts with patients remotely in telehealth or telemedicine.
    • 2017 October 26, Gonzalez, Robbie, “Telemedicine is forcing doctors to learn 'webside' manner”, in Wired[1]:
      But more important than the technology, he says, is what clinicians in the field have taken to calling "webside" manner. It's a modern twist on bedside manner—a physician's ability to relate with a patient and convey their desire to help. […] "Look, there's variation whether you see a clinician in person or whether you see them online, so I'm not saying in any way that telemedicine is less helpful than in-person visits, or that webside manner is worse than bedside manner," says UCSF pulmonologist Adams Dudley. "But webside manner definitely requires more cooperation, and a different kind of cooperation, than bedside manner."