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web +‎ space


webspace (usually uncountable, plural webspaces)

  1. (Internet) Disk space used to store web pages and other content that can be accessed through the World Wide Web.
    Some Internet providers offer free webspace to subscribers.
  2. (anatomy) One of the spaces between the fingers or toes that contains a web of skin.
    • 2014, Ian A. Trail, ‎Andrew N. M. Fleming, Disorders of the Hand: Volume 1: Hand Injuries (page 159)
      The first webspace flap has been classified into 4 types based on this versatility []
    • 2016, David G. Greenhalgh, Burn Care for General Surgeons and General Practitioners, page 163:
      Digital contractures and webspace contractures of the foot are dealt with using the same principles and techniques as in the digits of the hand.
    • 2017, Scott F. M. Duncan, ‎Ryosuke Kakinoki, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Related Median Neuropathies:
      Injury to the median nerve during CTR commonly involves the nerve to the third webspace, the recurrent motor branch, or the palmar cutaneous branch (seen with more radially placed incisions).
    • 2020, Terri M. Skirven, ‎A. Lee Osterman, ‎Jane Fedorczyk, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity (page 1534)
      Usually one will want to open the tip or the pad of the finger and attend to additional trimming about flexion creases and webspaces []