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From weekday +‎ -ly, by analogy with daily.


weekdaily (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Of, pertaining to, or occurring on weekdays; especially, occurring on every weekday.
    • 1975, Immanuel Jakobovits, Jewish Medical Ethics: A Comparative and Historical Study of the Jewish Religious Attitude to Medicine and Its Practice, Second Edition,[1] Bloch Publishing Company, page 329:
      This applies even to the festivals, because it is a “weekdaily habit” which disregards their sanctity; see Rashi, Betza 25a.
    • 2002, Roger Gorham, "Comparative Neighborhood Travel Analysis: An Approach to Understanding the Relationship Between Planning and Travel Behavior", chapter 11 of Hani S. Mahmassani (editor), In Perpetual Motion: Travel Behavior Research Opportunities and Application Challenges, Elsevier Science Ltd, ISBN 978-0-08-044044-6, page 252:
      The travel activity of residents of Center City and Cottage District neighborhoods results in significantly lower average weekdaily carbon emission than the regionwide averages.


weekdaily (not comparable)

  1. (rare) On each weekday.
    • 1992, in Airports International, Volume 34,[2] Seven Kings Publications Ltd., page 24:
      The carrier started operations last May with Embraer Brasilias and serves Amsterdam four times weekdaily, under a code share agreement with KLM, and London Stansted three times weekdaily.