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From weekday +‎ -ly, by analogy with daily.


weekdaily ‎(not comparable)

  1. (rare) Of, pertaining to, or occurring on weekdays; especially, occurring on every weekday.
    • 1975, Immanuel Jakobovits, Jewish Medical Ethics: A Comparative and Historical Study of the Jewish Religious Attitude to Medicine and Its Practice, Second Edition,[1] Bloch Publishing Company, page 329:
      This applies even to the festivals, because it is a “weekdaily habit” which disregards their sanctity; see Rashi, Betza 25a.
    • 2002, Roger Gorham, "Comparative Neighborhood Travel Analysis: An Approach to Understanding the Relationship Between Planning and Travel Behavior", chapter 11 of Hani S. Mahmassani (editor), In Perpetual Motion: Travel Behavior Research Opportunities and Application Challenges, Elsevier Science Ltd, ISBN 978-0-08-044044-6, page 252:
      The travel activity of residents of Center City and Cottage District neighborhoods results in significantly lower average weekdaily carbon emission than the regionwide averages.


weekdaily ‎(not comparable)

  1. (rare) On each weekday.
    • 1992, in Airports International, Volume 34,[2] Seven Kings Publications Ltd., page 24:
      The carrier started operations last May with Embraer Brasilias and serves Amsterdam four times weekdaily, under a code share agreement with KLM, and London Stansted three times weekdaily.