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From Old High German welih, wilih, from Proto-Germanic *hwilīkaz.



welche f and plural, welches n, welcher m

  1. (interrogative) what; noun modifier which indicates that the precise identity of the noun is unknown.


welche f and plural, welches n, welcher m

  1. (interrogative) which; which kind of.
    Welches Hemd wirst du tragen?
    What shirt are you going to wear?
  2. (interrogative, dated) how much; how great (used in an exclamation)
    Welches Talent er hat!
    What talent he has!

Pronoun 1[edit]


  1. nominative feminine singular of welcher
  2. accusative feminine singular of welcher
  3. nominative plural of welcher
  4. accusative plural of welcher

Pronoun 2[edit]

  1. nominative plural of indefinite pronoun: some
  2. accusative plural of indefinite pronoun: some


German indefinite pronoun
masculine feminine neuter
nominative einer eine eines, eins
genitive - - -
dative einem einer einem
accusative einen eine eines, eins

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