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Alternative forms[edit]


welch +‎ -er


welcher (plural welchers)

  1. One who welches.
  2. (Britain, offensive slang) A Welshman or person of Welsh descent.



From Old High German welih, wilih, from Proto-Germanic *hwilīkaz. Compare English which.


  • IPA(key): /ˈvɛlçɐ/
  • IPA(key): [ˈvɛʎ̞çɐ], [ˈvɛɪ̯çɐ] (regional variants)
  • (file)



  1. (interrogative) which; what
    Welche Farbe hat dein Kleid?
    What colour is your dress?
    Welches Buch in diesem Regal hast du am öftesten gelesen?
    Which book on this shelf have you read most often?
  2. (relative, literary) which
    Er vergaß, die letzte Kugel aus dem Lauf zu nehmen, welcher Fehler ihn das Leben kosten würde.
    He forgot to remove the last bullet from the barrel, which mistake would cost him his life.



  1. (interrogative) which (one)
    Hier sind zwei Jacken, welche ist deine?
    There are two jackets here, which one is yours?
  2. (relative, literary) that; which; who; whom
    Der Mann, welchen sie als ihren Nachbarn erkannte, lag tot auf dem Bürgersteig.
    The man, whom she recognized to be her neighbour, was lying dead on the pavement.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Welcher as a relative pronoun is virtually never used in the vernacular. It occurs more often in literary German, but overusing it is a typical trait of a pretentious style (generally corrected by editors). The normal relative pronoun in all registers of German is der and its forms.


Case Sg. Pl.
m. f. n.
Nom. welcher welche welches welche
Gen. welches welcher welches welcher
Dat. welchem welcher welchem welchen
Acc. welchen welche welches welche