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Attested from the 16th century; with East Middle German g- for the j- sound of older Joner, which in the 15th century meant "(wrong) player"; related to the verb junen (to play wrong); Joner probably originally meant "Greek" and came from West Yiddish יוון(Yovon, Greece), יוונער(yevoner, Greek, Ionian), which in turn stems from Hebrew יָוָן(yaván, Greece). The exact origin is unclear.


  • IPA(key): [ˈɡaʊ̯nɐ]
  • (file)


Gauner m (strong, genitive Gauners, plural Gauner, feminine Gaunerin)

  1. (colloquial) crook, racketeer (one who commits crimes)
    Synonyms: Ganove, Halunke, Gangster, Bandit
  2. (colloquial) sly, cunning person
    Synonyms: Schlitzohr, Schlawiner


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