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wen +‎ -y


wenny (comparative wennier, superlative wenniest)

  1. Covered with or characteristic of wens.
    • 1774, Letters from Italy, in the Years 1754 and 1755:
      Should not the Savoyards be called a nation of 'wenny throats, as those enormous wens are their charaćteristic ?
    • 1789, John Obadiah Justamond, ‎& William Houlston, Surgical Tracts, page 141:
      I have seen two cases of this wenny, or fatty disease, which had seized the breasts of women.
    • 1819, Abraham Rees, The Cyclopaedia:
      When enlargements of the wenny kind take place on the legs and heels of animals, as is often the case in the horse, in the more simple kinds of them, the cure may be sometimes effected by the use of applications such as hot vinegar and alum;