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Alternative forms[edit]


From whale +‎ lore.


whalelore (uncountable)

  1. The knowledge, study, or science of whales.
    • 1864, The North British review, page 300:
      Member of the Danish Rigsdag, the king's sheriff in Faroe, a man of the simplest manners and most varied knowledge and intelligence, great in whalelore and fowllore, strong in deep- sea fishing, a great gatherer of strange over-sea waifs, []
    • 1960, Michael Williams, Commonweal, volume 72, page 235:
      A whale of a whale adventure on one of the few sailing vessels still occasionally in use. The author has packed standard ingredients into this story, including a fiendish captain, detailed information on whalelore and modern whaling methods.
    • 1973, John Wood Campbell, Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, volume 92:
      But his pretense to whalelore didn't even have an aficionado's sincerity. Grey didn't like him.
    • 1973, Analog science fiction/science fact, volume 92, number 1-3, page 32:
      But his pretense to whalelore didn't even have an aficionado's sincerity.
    • 1987, Udo Fries, The Structure of texts, page 213:
      The project itself, in short, generates the need for figuration, itself compactly figured in the Swiss Army knife...in the amount of whalelore that might be considered, but there turns out to be no inherent limit to the number of cognitive strategies for knowledge about whalelore that might be tested.

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