whip snake

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a whip snake (Ahaetulla mycterizans)


whip snake (plural whip snakes)

  1. Any of the slender snakes of diverse general and species:
    1. genus Ahaetulla native to southern Asia and parts of Oceania.
    2. genus Demansia, native to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and nearby islands
    3. genus Hemorrhois, native to the western Mediterranean, west, central, and southern Asia
    4. genus Hierophis, native to southern Europe
    5. genus Masticophis, native to the Americas
    6. species Suta dwyeri, found in Australia from New South Wales to South Queensland
    7. white-lipped snake (Drysdalia coronoides), found in Tasmania and southeastern Australia.
    8. Caspian whipsnake (Dolichophis caspius), found in the Balkans and Eastern Europe
    9. red whip snake (Platyceps collaris), found in Bulgaria and the Levant


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