whitewater rafting

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Whitewater rafting

Alternative forms[edit]


whitewater rafting (uncountable)

  1. Traveling by raft through a section of a river which is churning with rapids, as for sport or adventurism.
    • 1987, Lawrence Van Gelder, "Travel Advisory," New York Times, 1 Feb. (retrieved 9 May 2011):
      Scheduled, too, during the tour . . . is a visit to Big Bend Country, where jagged canyons cutting among towering limestone cliffs offer whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande.
    • 2007, Sam Riches, "Family, friends mourn woman killed in rafting accident," adelaidenow.com (Australia), 15 Oct. (retrieved 9 May 2011):
      Karleigh had been on a six-week African adventure holiday when she went whitewater rafting on the treacherous Zambesi River rapids.