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From whomp +‎ -age.


whompage (uncountable)

  1. (rare humorous slang) Whomping or whomping on; acts of whomping or whomping on, taken collectively.
    • 2000 February 23, "Michael Brown" (username), "Re: 3E: say it ain't so", in rec.games.frp.dnd, Usenet:
      This is the same whompage level as 18/51 strength, 2 ranks over straight-18 (which is likely +2/+2 in 3E).
    • 2003 July 26, "Joseph Oberlander", "Re: Newbie bike question", rec.motorcycles, Usenet:
      New - the 500LTD comes very close. Great bike for a great price. Much whompage on the Hondas. Just a better bike. Of course, a detuned Ninja 500 engine kind of helps. 40HP is more than enough for a beginner.
    • 2006 July 19, "Kingston Massive" (username), "NYC: Project Ahimsa Fundraiser / Karsh Kale Performance - Saturday, July 22nd", in alt.music.dance, Usenet:
      Should be a brilliant night of breaks, bhangs and bass whompage...