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whooping-crane (plural whooping-cranes)

  1. attributive form of whooping crane
  2. Alternative form of whooping crane
    • 1879, Nathaniel Holmes Bishop, Four Months in a Sneak-box: A Boat Voyage of 2600 Miles Down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and Along the Gulf of Mexico, page 109:
      The adult Whooping-cranes are white, the younger birds of a brownish color.
    • 1900, C. Hanbury Williams, “After Wild Geese in Manitoba”, in Blackwood's Magazine, volume 168, page 351:
      [] to the north I could hear the shrill unearthly cries of the great divers, and of whooping-cranes —the wail of banshees, and Valkyries, and the baying of Gabriel's hounds
    • 1908, David Starr Jordan, ‎Vernon Lyman Kellogg, ‎Harold Heath, Animal Studies: A Text-book of Elementary Zoology for Use in High Schools and Colleges:
      The cranes are comparatively rare in this country, yet one may occasionally meet with the whooping-cranes (Grus americana) and sand-hill cranes (Grus mexicana), especially in the South and West.