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Blend of wife +‎ lifestyle


wifestyle (plural wifestyles)

  1. A woman's attitudes and behaviour within a marriage.
    • 1987, Susan Riley, Political wives: the lives of the saints (page 83)
      Mila [] isn't pushing her wifestyle on anyone, she says, she is merely exercising her right to choose.
    • 1990, The Washingtonian (volume 25, page 141)
      But in Washington, with its educational opportunities and abundant role models, a brave new wifestyle is flowering among those who married far too young.
    • 1991, Gloria Bledsoe Goodman, Keys to Living with a Retired Husband (page 36)
      A wifestyle is the manner in which you deal — and I don't mean this disparagingly — with your husband.
    • 2004, Lynda Lee Kaid, Handbook of political communication research (page 450)
      Gardetto (1997) concluded that the New York Times [indicated] that Rodham Clinton's strength and intelligence somehow diminished that of her husband; by comparing her "wifestyle" to that of other political wives; and by raising questions about her equal, rather than subservient, status in the marital relationship.