win someone's heart

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Alternative forms[edit]


win someone's heart (third-person singular simple present wins someone's heart, present participle winning someone's heart, simple past and past participle won someone's heart)

  1. To gain the love or affection of someone.
    • 1818, [Mary Shelley], Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. [], volume (please specify |volume=I, II, or III), London: [] [Macdonald and Son] for Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, & Jones, OCLC 830979744:
      Safie related that her mother was a Christian Arab, seized and made a slave by the Turks; recommended by her beauty, she had won the heart of the father of Safie, who married her.
    • 1887, H[enry] Rider Haggard, chapter XVIII, in Allan Quatermain[1]:
      Nay, he hath won my heart, and with it goes my hand, and throne, and all I have— []
    • 1910, O. Henry, “The Girl and the Habit”, in Strictly Business[2]:
      She could keep cool and collected while she collected your check, give you the correct change, win your heart, indicate the toothpick stand, and rate you to a quarter of a cent better than Bradstreet could to a thousand in less time than it takes to pepper an egg with one of Hinkle’s casters.

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