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Windflower (Anemone nemorosa)


wind +‎ flower


windflower (plural windflowers)

  1. An early spring flowering species of the family Ranunculaceae, Anemone nemorosa.
    • 1649, Nicholas Culpeper, A physicall directory, or, A translation of the London dispensatory made by the Colledge of Physicians in London, London: Peter Cole, p. 40,[1]
      Herba venti, Anemone. Wind flower, the juyce snuffed up the nose purgeth the head, it cleanseth filthy ulcers, encreaseth milk in nurses, and outwardly by ointment helps Leprosyes.
    • 1881, Christina Rossetti, “One Foot on the Sea, and One on Shore” in A Pageant and Other Poems, London: Macmillan, p. 95,[2]
      “When windflowers blossom on the sea
      And fishes skim along the plain,
      Then we who part this weary day,
      Then you and I shall meet again.”
    • 1928, D. H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, New York: Bantam, 1983, Chapter 8, p. 89,[3]
      The first windflowers were out, and all the wood seemed pale with the pallor of endless little anemones, sprinkling the shaken floor.
    • 1963, Aldous Huxley, Island, New York: Bantam, Chapter 7, p. 101,[4]
      [] We spent an hour in a hazel copse, picking primroses and looking at the little white windflowers. One doesn’t pick the windflowers,” he explained, “because in an hour they’re withered. []