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Striga gesnerioides (cowpea witchweed)
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witch +‎ weed


witchweed (countable and uncountable, plural witchweeds)

  1. Any of several flowering plants of the genus Striga, from Africa and Asia, some of which are parasitic to crops.
    • 1968, (U.S.) National Research Council: Committee on Plant and Animal Pests: Subcommittee on Weeds, Principles of Plant and Animal Pest Control, Volume 2: Weed Control, National Academy of Sciences Publication 1597, page 43,
      The witchweed-suppression program is a classic example of a systems approach to weed management and represents one of the finest organized efforts in the United States to eradicate a weed.
    • 1969, George Agrios, Plant Pathology, page 385,
      A number of witchweed species parasitize important economic plants such as corn, sugarcane, rice, tobacco, and some small grains.
    • 2001, Robert E. Eplee, Case Study 2.10 Co-ordination of Witchweed Eradication in the USA, Rüdiger Wittenberg, Matthew J. W. Cock (editors), Invasive Alien Species: A Toolkit of Best Prevention and Management Practices, page 36,
      The Asian and African witchweed (Striga asiatica) grows parasitically on the roots of members of the Poaceae, especially maize and sorghum causing significant crop losses, but also on rice, millet, sugar cane and grasses.

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