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w- (peg element) + -oo- (meaning unclear, combining form of yini- in the 3rd person) + -l- (classifier)-yé (imperfective stem of root -YEʼ, “to be called”).



  1. he/she/it is called, his/her name is
    haash yinílyé?what is your name?
    Cháalatsoh bimá éí Asdzą́ą́łchííʼ wolyéBig Charlie’s mother’s name is Red Woman.
    Kii wolyéhis name is Kii.
    Dáághahii dóó Bilagáana kʼehjígo Canada wolyéIn French and in English, it is called Canada.
  2. it means


Paradigm: Momentaneous (Ø/si).

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person yinishyé yiniilyé deiniilyé
2nd person yinílyé yinołyé deinołyé
3rd person wolyé, yoolyé daolyé
4th person joolyé dajoolyé
Unspecified oolyé Passive A Passive B
Spatial hoolyé
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person yisisyeʼ yisiilyeʼ deisiilyeʼ
2nd person yisínílyeʼ yisoołyeʼ deisoołyeʼ
3rd person woosyeʼ daoosyeʼ
4th person joosyeʼ dajoosyeʼ
Unspecified oosyeʼ Passive A Passive B
Spatial hoosyeʼ