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Alternative forms[edit]


From womb +‎ gate. In later use sometimes translating Mandarin e.g. 胞門 (bāomén).



wombgate (plural wombgates)

  1. (rare) The vulva. [from 14th c.]
    • 1379, Henry Daniel, Liber Uricrisiarum:
      Tentigo ys ycalled paries vulue, Anglice the Wombeȝates wall, Or elles lingula vulue, Anglice the Wombeȝates tunge.
    • 1979, Iceberg Slim, Airtight Willie & Me, Holloway House 2004, p. 103:
      He banged her womb-gate until their last mutual orgasm.
    • 2010, Yu-Li Wu, Reproducing Women, p. 109:
      The locus classicus for discussions of the womb-gate was Zhang Ji (fl. 196-219), whose writings on “cold damage disorders” and pharmacology had become a pillar of learned medicine during the Northern Song (960-127).