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wonk +‎ -ish


wonkish (comparative more wonkish, superlative most wonkish)

  1. (informal) Nerdy; bookish; having the qualities of a wonk.
    • 1997, Edwin Diamond, Robert A. Silverman, White House to Your House[1], →ISBN, page 125:
      According to Greer, the voting classes were ready for someone very much like the wonkish Clinton, with his devotion to "the issues."
    • 2009, Zillah Eisenstein, The Audacity of Races and Genders, Zed Books, →ISBN, page 138:
      Hillary may have been too wonkish, and Palin not wonkish enough, but they have normalized white females as political candidates for the nation.
    • 2009, Michael Muhammad Knight, Journey to the End of Islam, Soft Skull Press, →ISBN, page 207:
      Being a renegade Islamo-punk had run its course, but now I answered brothers' questions in a wonkish intellectual way, ducking and weaving around the truth claims.


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