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From wood +‎ house.



woodhouse (plural woodhouses)

  1. A house or shed for storing (chopped) wood
    • 1820, Dawson Turner, Account of a Tour in Normandy, Vol. I. (of 2)[1]:
      The ceiling is covered with paintings of scriptural subjects, which still remain, notwithstanding that the building is now desecrated, and used as a woodhouse by the neighboring farmer.
    • 1894, William Lewis Manly, Death Valley in '49[2]:
      I felt awfully poor, and a stranger, and this was a beginning for me at any rate, so I went to work with a will and never lost a minute of daylight till I had split up all the wood and filled his woodhouse completely up.
    • 1922, David Garnett, Lady Into Fox[3]:
      Now this door, which had been left ajar by Polly when she ran off, opened into a little courtyard where the fowls were shut in at night; the woodhouse and the privy also stood there.