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word +‎ net


wordnet (plural wordnets)

  1. (artificial intelligence, linguistics) A semantically structured lexical database.
    • 2003, Cvetana Krstev, "Corpora Issues in Validation of Serbian Wordnet", in Václav Matoušek, Pavel Mautner, eds., Text, Speech and Dialogue: 6th International Conference, TSD 2003, České, page 133
      Bilingual corpora can be used for synset validation in a more fruitful way, especially having in mind the request that all synsets from a wordnet for a language other than English have to be associated, if possible, with an English synset using ILI.
    • 2004, Helge Dyvik, "Translations as Semantic Mirrors: from parallel corpus to wordnet", in Karin Aijmer, Bengt Altenberg, eds., Advances in Corpus Linguistics: Papers from the 23rd International, page 312
      (if a document mentions dogs, a wordnet allows the inference it is about animals)
    • 2006, Paul Buitelaar et al., "Domain-Specific WSD", in Eneko Agirre, Philip Edmonds, eds., Word Sense Disambiguation: Algorithms And Applications, page 290
      This trimmed wordnet was used in a cross-retrieval test environment and compared with the generic wordnet and no wordnet.

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