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word +‎ -oid


wordoid (plural wordoids)

  1. A fabricated word coined to identify a new concept.
    • 2006, David Sims, in First Coffee for St. Valentine's Day, 2006 [1]
      Well, I guess there's a new wordoid we all have to endure: infotainment.
    • 2006, James A. Stewart, in Laurel And Hardy movie review [2]
      As Leonard Maltin notes in commentary, a more modern character appropriated that little wordoid.
    • 2005, Pyramus, in Little or Nothing [3]
      I can't get away from the word, or wordoid, "miniscule".
    • 2003, Daniel J. Stern, in rec.autos.tech [4]
      "Gage", like "flammable", is a fabricated wordoid created on the assumption, not entirely without merit, that people are too stupid to read, understand and pronounce the properly-spelled word ("inflammable", in the latter case).
    • 2003, Eirik Johnson, in A New Twist on Noise [5]
      Meantime, virii is a perfectly good wordoid, that's right, wordoid. It isn't a word, it just resembles one closely enough that nobody cares!

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