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working-class (comparative more working-class, superlative most working-class)

  1. Of or pertaining to the working class; suggestive of the working class in manner of speaking, outlook, appearance or other qualities.
    • 1971, Barry Hindess, The Decline of Working-Class Politics, page 9:
      There is one obvious sense in which working-class politics has declined in the last twenty years or so: the proportion of working-class people involved at various levels of party politics has dropped.
    • 1986, Theresa Conway, A Passion for Glory, page 78:
      Jean-Baptiste ordered herb soup, potatoes, and cheese along with two glasses of beer — a typical working-class lunch, he said to Aimee with a smile.
    • 2001, Stephen Hopkins, Cathy Long, John Williams, Passing Rhythms: Liverpool FC and the Transformation of Football, page 27:
      It was a very working-class crowd on the Kop, mainly dockers and the like.