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From work +‎ -some. Cognate with German wirksam (effective, operative, effectual), Swedish verksam (active, operative), Old English weorcsum.


worksome (comparative more worksome, superlative most worksome)

  1. (archaic) Characterised by work; industrious; diligent.
    • 1837, Thomas Carlyle, Henry Duff Traill, The French revolution: a history:
      — and so, through seas of blood, to Equality, Frugality, worksome Blessedness, Fraternity, and Republic of the virtues.
  2. Laborious; work-intensive.
    • 1968, University of Santo Tomás, Philippiniana sacra: Volume 3:
      At the very beginnings of his governance time began to show how turbulent and worksome it was going to be, []

Derived terms[edit]