world weary

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world weary (comparative world wearier or more world weary, superlative world weariest or most world weary)

  1. Alternative form of world-weary
    • 1770, [Francis Gentleman], “Zenobia. A Tragedy. Anonymous.”, in The Dramatic Censor; or, Critical Companion, volume I, London: J[ohn] Bell, [], York, Yorkshire: C. Etherington, [], →OCLC, page 401:
      Till you ſhall bid this ſad, world weary ſpirit, / To peaceful regions wing her weary flight.
    • 1988, The Geographical Magazine, volume 60, London: Geographical Press, →ISSN, →OCLC, page 72:
      The drill sergeants are the world weariest of soldiers; and now, goddamit, they have to teach 'girls', no bigger than their kid sisters.
    • 2010, Courtland Lewis, Paula Smithka, Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside, →ISBN, page 262:
      Consider this commentary from a world weary poet, Emily Brontë, a contemporary of [Arthur] Schopenhauer, from "I Am the Only Being" (17th May 1839): 'Twas grief enough to think mankind All hollow, servile, insincere; But worse to turn to my own mind, And find the same corruption there.
    • 2013, Michael G. Reccia, The Joseph Communications: Your Life after Death, →ISBN:
      One of the problems we have with spirits that make the transition who are not spiritually aware and who have not rediscovered their nature is that they are so very, very sad and world weary.