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world +‎ bound


worldbound (not comparable)

  1. Existing in exactly one world.
    • 2005, David H. Lund, The Conscious Self: The Immaterial Center of Subjective States:
      Since every concrete individual or thing is worldbound, I could not have had properties other than those I in fact have
    • 2012, Jaakko Hintikka & ‎Merrill B.P. Hintikka, The Logic of Epistemology and the Epistemology of Logic, →ISBN:
      What we should do here is not to set up a contrast between worldbound individuals and world lines, but to recognize that world lines are an indispensable means of speaking and thinking of the usual perfectly ordinary-looking entities, the ordinary denizens of the actual world.
    • 2015, Barry Loewer & ‎Jonathan Schaffer, A Companion to David Lewis, →ISBN, page 245:
      Lewis accepts that both these objects exist: his mereological universalism (belief in arbitrary sums) guarantees the existence of the transworld object, given the existence of the various worldbound objects.