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From Middle Dutch wout, from Old Dutch walt, from Proto-West Germanic *walþu, from Proto-Germanic *walþuz.



woud n (plural wouden, diminutive woudje n)

  1. forest, woods, jungle
    • 1778, Thomas Harmer, Waarnemingen over het Oosten uit reisbeschrijvingen, tot opheldering der Heilige Schrift, translated from English, with comments by "Johan Ernst Faber" (= Johann Ernst Faber), translated from German, publ. by G. T. van Paddenburg, second book, page 237.
      Toen vond men nog veele wouden, waarvan er tot op dezen dag nog verſcheidenen overig gebleven zijn (12). Uit zulke wouden haalden de dorpſchappen hunnen brand, wanneer zij, gelijk om Aleppo zelfs, geen houwboſſchen hadden.
      Back then there were still many forests, of which several remain up to this day (12). From forests like these the villages took firewood when they, as was the case around Aleppo itself, didn't have any coppices for firewood.

Derived terms[edit]